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Iron Man 3 movie2k

Iron Man 3

  The newest and last installment of Iron Man is now available in movie2kfor everyone to watch. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is now on the point of making the biggest decision in his life, letting all of his suits away and be a normal billionaire living with his gorgeous wife, Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

This movie is filled with action and some sort of comedy to give the audiences relax feeling.

Iron Man 3 has been released last May 3, 2013 and is now available in movie2k.

So, if you would like to get the chance to watch new movies online, especially this last installment of Iron Man, this website is what you need. Why would you spend too much money for the big screen and buy coke and popcorn, wherein you could make one in the comfort of your own home and get to watch an A-list film, not to mention that it is also in clear copy?

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Save The Date -

Save The Date movie2k

Save The Date

Save the date is a romantic comedy film, which was directed by Michael Mohan. Jeffrey Brown and Michael Mohan are the writers of this movie. The main cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie and Mark Webber. You can watch this movie on movies2k.

The movie revolves around the young Girl, Sarah.

She rejected the proposal of her boyfriend, as she feels it was quite quick. However, she feels herself again in love, after a short while. The movie takes its course and Sarah decides to get married to her new boyfriend. Sarah’s sister was busy with the preparations. The real confusion was about the wedding invitations. Different people use different ways to notify heir friends about their wedding date but the couple decides to send it with a refrigerator magnet.

It was an unusual way, but it can be used for making other announcements also. Movie2k have this movie in its collection.

The movie get good reviews as it keeps the intrst of viewers alive. It shows the emotions of a common man, grif, happiness, excitement and fights. Movie 2k offers this movie for all the viewers, who are interested in watching comedy movies with a message. Movie did a good business on box office. 

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Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps movie2k

Playing For Keeps

One of the few comedy film released this year is the Playing for keeps. This romantic comedy is directed by Gabriele Muccino and was released on 7th December, 2012. The main cast includes Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel, while Catherine Zeta Jones, Judy Greer, Uma Thurman and Dennis Quaid are playing the supporting roles.

Watch this movie on movie 2k and see this laughter romance.

The story of the movie revolves around the sports star, who was use to play scoccer. He was not very successful in his career and was passing through the bad times. To start a new life, he starts coaching his son. Many other young players also join them. The movie takes a new turn when moms of these players start taking interest in him. The movie has some interesting situations, and at movies2k you can watch them in clearly.

The movie got some negative reviews and viewer rating was also not very good. Movie2kpresents all movies, good and bad both, as every viewer has different choice. Lovers of comedy movies will love it, although the storyline is not really different. Movie was not a success according to box office and it get no nomination in any award.  

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Any Day Now

Any Day Now movie2k

Any Day Now

This drama film was directed by Travis Fine and Fine and George Arthur Bloom are the writers of Any day Now. This movie is based on the true story. Many legal and social issues are highlighted in this movie, from 1970s. You can watch this movie on Movie2k. The main charcters of the movie are Rudy and paul, which are played by the Alan Cumming and Garret Dillhunt. Rudy is a struggling singer, he found a young boy in his neighbor, accidently. The boy named as Maroc was a handicap and was having the Down Syndrome. His mother left him to servive on his own. Rudy feels really bad for him and takes him to his house, where he was living with his partner Paul. They become the surrogate parents of Marco and try to take her custody. The court question about their gay relationship. Paul and Rudy find no way to protect themselves and Marco, who gave them the real happiness to be a parent. Movie 2k presents this great emotional darama. The movie did a good business on box office and won various awards in different catagories. It get the award of Best film in Seattle International film festival. Audience Award in Outfest and Provincetown International film festival and Woodstock film festival 2012, to name a few. Movies2k offers the movie in clear print and great quality.

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Killing Them Softly movie2k

Killing Them Softely movie2k

Killing Them Softly

“Killing Them Softetly” is a one of the hit movies2k which was released on May 22, 2012 in  Cannes. The genre of the movie2k is neo-noir crime and inspired by George V. Higgins novel “Cogan’s Trade”. The plot of the movie starts with an inside scene of Markie Trattman’s (Ray Liotta) criminal poker ring.

He is also involved in assorted criminal acts and admits his involvement openly. In the meanwhile, another criminal “Squirrel” joins hands with Russel and Frankie in his plan of robbing a Mob Protected Card Game from poker ring of Markie.

“Driver” who is a mafia agent inform the Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), a famous Hitman, about the whole story. Jackie thinks that Markie is also involved in this robbing plan. So, at first he make murder of Markie and then targets Squirrel, Frankie and Russel. To accomplish his target, he involves another Hitman Mickey Fallen.

At the end, Jackie tries to convince the Frankie to hold the arms down and unveil the reality of the Squirrel, but finally makes the murder of both one by one.

Russel is arrested during a drug deal. In the last scene, Jackie demands his money from Driver, but he refuses and make smile. This movie 2k is ranking in hit list movies with an average rating 7.1 out of 10.

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Rise Of The Guardians movie2k

Rise Of The Guardians movie2k

Rise Of The Guardians

Rise of the guardians is an animated film, available on Movie2k. It is an adventure movie, which is all about fantasy. Not just the children but adults can also enjoy this great adventure. The movie is based on the book of William Joyce, which is named as The guardians of childhood. The movie is produced by Dreamworks Animation and it was released on 21th November, 2012.

You can watch it on movie 2k. The movie did a good business at the box office like other movies of Dreamworks Animation.  

It is an animated movie, so the voices of Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law and Isla Fisher has been used for different characters.

A French composer, Alexandre Desplat has given the music of Rise of the Guardians. The story of the movie revolves around the Pitch lays, who is an evil spirit. He attacks on the earth and wants to be its master. In this situation, some immortal guardians join all their forces to protect the imagination and hopes of children. They work hard to protect the children from all over the world. The movie lovers will like to watch this movie on Movies2k. It is simply great to see such a great animated movie. 

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Lincoln - movie2k

Lincoln movie2k


Lincoln is a historic drama film, which was released in November 2012. It is directed by Steven Spielberg, while Tony Kushner has done the screenplay. It is based on the book of Doris Kearns Goodwin. The cast of the movie includes Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field and David Strathairn.

Movie2k have it in their collection of movies.

The movie revolves around the character of Abraham Lincoln, President of U.S. He bans the slavery from the country in 1865, when American Civil war was ending in the United States. However, he has to do it quickly as some southern states can stop this amendment before it took the shape of the law. Lincoln has to get enough votes in his favor but it seems that he will not.

On the other hand, the president also wants peace, to save many lives. Lincoln has to decide that either he wants to end the war or end of slavery is his preference. Movie 2k offers the movie in good quality.

The movie gets better response and viewer rating. You can watch it on movies2k, to give your opinion. Lincoln is nominated for various awards in different categories. This movie is really great to watch and people who are interested in US history will love to watch this 150 min video.

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Red Dawn

red dawn movie2k 

Red Dawn

  Red Dawn is directed by John Milius, and is based in 1984. The movie was released with PG- 13 rating on MPAA. Milius and Kevin Reynolds are the writers of red Dawn. The cast includes, Patrick Swayze, Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen. It was the time when US was attacked by the Soviet Union and Cuban attackers.

Movie2k has this movie in its collection.

The movie revolves around the group of young teenage students. They are high school students and decide to fight against the invaders. Wolverines is the name, they gave to their group.

This group tries hard to fight against enemies and contact with many people. They get the complete information about war from an air forces solider.

They kill many opponents on their way of struggles and at the end lose their lives also, one by one. Red Dawn is available on movie 2k for the viewers of war movies. The movie was released in English, Spanish and Russian language. It was most violet film of the year, according to the Gunness book of record. It was also ranked among the best conservative movies. If you want to see this good movie, movies2k is there to help you.

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Life Of Pi - movie 2k

Life Of Pie movie2k

Life Of Pie

Life of pie is an adventure drama film, which was directed by Ang Lee. It is based on the Yann Martel novel, while the screenplay is written by David Magee. Movie2koffers this great movie for the lovers of adventure films. The main cast of the movie includes Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Adil Hussain.

The movie is about a young man, Pi Patel, who was the son of a zoo keeper.

The family was used to live in India in the area of Pondicherry. The family decides to move to Canada and the boy was the only survival in a disaster at sea. He goes on an adventurous journey to survive. He forms an unusual connection with a Bengal tiger, who was also on the same boat. A zebra, a hyena and orangutan were also travelling on the same lifeboat.

Movie 2k shows this complete journey in clear print.

Life of Pie is nominated for many awards and its presence on movies2k shows that it is a good movie. It shows the amazing connection between human and animals, which seems harmful. However, love is the bond which can hold everything together. The movie shows that how animals and human fight for each other and win the battle for survival.

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